One Wheeled Scooter

The KO1 is lightweight and strong, made from premium materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum. It is built with a long-range 20-mile battery pack, can reach up to 20 mph, and has a 35 percent incline for typical urban hills.

The KO1 is made in a factory owned and operated by Kiwano, meaning Kiwano is able to monitor the quality of materials used for every single unit delivering a premium constructed product. The KO1 is available for purchase online at their official online store ( and soon through retailers such as BestBuy as well as specialty stores.

The KO1 will retail for $999 in stores from August 2017 and can be ordered now for July delivery at a special offer of $799plus free shipping worldwide. When purchasing the KO1 you have the choice of the Urban (Road) or Sport (All-Terrain) tires. Riders can also choose additional accessories such as the fender and grip in colors Gray, Green or Blue Camo, the GoPro Mount, Rapid Charger, and a Kiwano Helmet.

Kiwano One wheeled Scooter

KO1 Features

  • Auto Deck™, Smart Control System: Allows riders to get going in 3 easy steps: Step, Launch, and Go.
  • Patent Pending Drive System: The KO1 wheel, designed by Kiwano, gives the ultimate riding experience: Speed, Torque, & Power.
  • Rider Modes: Both pro and novice modes allow riders to adjust according to their skill level. When the rider feels comfortable, they can change their mode using the app or LCD display.
  • Incline: KO1 has an impressive incline ability of 35 percent.
  • Lightweight & Strong: KO1 is made from premium materials such as carbon fiber, aluminum, flexi poly-carbonate.
  • Shock Suspension System: For a smooth riding experience and the ability to do advanced tricks for pro riders.
  • Battery: Batteries are LG UL 2271 Certified. On a full 60 minute charge, the range on a KO1 is 20 miles.
  • Fireproof: The LG batteries are stored within the unit in a fireproof-sealed case for guaranteed protection.
  • Action Camera Mount: Mount a GoPro to record the ride.
  • Weather Resistant: Don’t be afraid to take the KO1 out and about; it is water and dust resistant with IP54 certification.
  • Connectivity: The Kiwano app, available for iOS and Android, keeps track of speed, trip distance, milage, battery level and adjusting rider modes as well as full diagnosis reporting and firmware updates.
  • Follow Me Mode: Using the Kiwano app available on iOS & Android you can control your unit to move forward and backward with the touch of a button.
  • LED Lights: Headlights and Taillights are on at all times for as a safety precaution.
  • LCD Display: Quick access to battery level, speed and rider modes without jeopardizing safety.
  • Rider Foot Pegs: Foldable and adjustable anti-slip ergonomic foot grips for lower body stability and control.
  • Kickstand: Foldable and discreet, riders can easily park your KO1 anywhere

Learn More at:   KiWano

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